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We are very pleased with the performance of our Steinbauer equipment. We have installed 2 units on C-15 Caterpillar engines in a heavy haul application. Over 150,000lbs gross. Our average fuel mileage was around 3.65 mpg and we have been consistently running 4.15-4.23 on both units now since we have installed them. Our drivers are also very pleased with them since there is a very noticeable power increase.

John D. Osborne Jr. , John D. Osborne Trucking Inc
Romulus, MI

We have been running Steinbauer since Taber Diesel started handling them. Our first trial was 5 years ago with our Case combines. We saw an immediate improvement in performance. From 3 mph to 3.5-3.7 mph is big difference. When you have 20+ machines custom cutting this amounts to big dollars.

Prior to using Steinbauer we used some "pressure box" type products on our combines. They gave us lots of power but lots of trouble too. In some conditions the pressure would get too high and the engines would go into limp mode. We would have to shut them down, unplug the box, restart, then reinstall. This was a real pain and slowed us down. We are not positive of the reason but prior to Steinbauer we had 2 almost new combines start engine fires causing major damage with pressure boxes installed. We have never had an issue with Steinbauer.

When we start in Oklahoma cutting we use lighter Case Magnum tractors on our grain carts that are easier to haul than articulating tractors. They are a little light on power with the big carts. With Steinbauer installed, the cart operators can much easier keep up with the combines.

Back home in the foothills of south western Alberta we simply cannot be without Steinbauer on our big tractors. 6 Case rubber tire STX tractors with Steinbauer let's us keep our air seeders moving up the long steep hills we have on much of the land we farm.

We don't pay much attention to our fuel consumption because for our operation it is about how fast we can get the job done. With Steinbauer we simply get things done faster.

Gerald...Walters Farming
Magrath Alberta

In the fall of 2011 our farm was under stress due to the wet harvest weather. We had thousands of acres
to harvest with our 4 JD combines and we just were not getting things done. The damp straw made for very
tough conditions and the machines simply did not have enough power. I has seen the ad from Taber Diesel
regarding Steinbauer and I thought I would give them a try.

It only took a few hours to see that the machine with the Stenbauer installed was harvesting way more acres
than the other machines. I quickly ordered 3 more modules and Taber Diesel shipped these in overnight for us.
We were running 4 machine with them the next afternoon.

Cam likes to tell my story and it is absolutely true. Over the next 6 days we cut as hard and as long each
day as we could until the straw got too damp around midnight. Our monitor system was telling us we were
cutting almost 35 acres more per day with Steinbauer installed. Then we got rain, a lot of rain, as I recall a
week of it and almost 3 inches.

Our calculations showed that Steinbauer allowed us to harvest an extra 800+ acres of #1 Canadian hard wheat
that was running 50+ bushels per acre!!! After the rain we lost grade on our grain due to the water damage.
Steinbauer still helped us put this crop away much faster however the grade was down. Our only regret was
we did not get Steinbauer sooner that year.

In the winter of 2011 we ended up adding land to our operation and traded all our combines for a different color.
Cam at Taber Diesel was great to work with. He took the 4 modules on consignment and sold them quickly for us.
Later in the spring of 2012 Mike set us up with the 6 new ones we needed and gave us excellent service.

This past March at the Lethbridge Ag show I dropped off our 6 modules. Cam updated the software in them so we
can use them in the Tier 4 engines we have in the new combines we will be running this fall. Cam, Taber Diesel
and Steinbauer have really helped our farm be more efficient and we will not be without them in the future.

Jeff Page

We farm in the Etzikom area of Southern Alberta. We are running 3 combines and we installed Steinbauer on these machines
in the fall of 2011. The difference is amazing. Our neighbors have then next size larger machine and we can run right with
their stock machines. There are times when the straw is real heavy that we can even out do these larger machines.

We also have a Steinbauer on our sprayer. This machine gets the most hours on it of any machine on the place now. Some
of our crop gets 3 applications of chemical. Last year a few acres even got 4.

Our farming practices over the past number of years has created nice soft topsoil conditions that promotes good plant growth.
These soft conditions make it tough on the sprayer. It is working hard, especially when the 1200 gallon tank is full, to drive
through these soft fields. There are times when we cannot maintain the 14 to 16 mph that we like to run at. With
Steinbauer installed, this machine flies. We can maintain our speed in the soft fields and especially up hills where we really
slowed down before.

We have run for 2 seasons with Steinbauer on our machines and we really like them. It only takes a few hours to pay for them
in our operation.

Tim , Silver Sage Farming Co.
Foremost, Alberta

We have been running Steinbauer on our farm since 2009. 2 tractors, 1 sprayer and 3 combines and we simply will not be without

Our first test was in the fall of 2009 on our Case combines. We ran for a day with Steinbauer installed on 1 machine and the difference
was dramatic. The monitors were telling us we were cutting 6% and at time 7% more grain with the Steinbauer machine. These high
hp machines can really burn a lot of fuel. We were amazed at the end of the day because the machine that cut 6% more acres only took a
few more liters to fill the tank than the machines without. Our calculations showed 6% more acres cut with the same fuel. Needless to
say the other machines got Steinbauer installed the next day.

My brother has his own combine and runs with us. For 2 years he was using a pressure box on his Deere. He constantly had to stop
the machine when the crop got real heavy and the engine was loaded. The pressure box would cause the engine to go into
limp mode because the fuel rail pressure got too high. He would have to shut the engine down, unplug the box, restart, shut down,
reinstall and then harvest again. Last harvest he finally stepped up to Steinbauer. He ran all harvest without a hitch. The machine had
more power and ran cooler. Cheap pressure boxes have no place in modern farming; the stakes are just too high. Down time at the
wrong time during harvest can cost thousands in lost crop quality.

What really sets Steinbauer and Taber Diesel apart is the service. Over 30 years ago Cam was a field mechanic for John Deere. We
had a new combine that after only a few hours lost a rub bar in the cylinder. This really cleaned house inside the machine causing major
damage. Cam came to our farm and worked almost day and night for 3 days to get us running. Being a farm boy he knew the importance
of us getting this machine back in the field. I remember my dad's comment when Cam headed home after he was all done. "that kid won't
be running a service truck for long, he will be running his own company". Dad was right as he often was. We have never forgotten his efforts
with that harvest years ago and Cam has not forgotten the importance of giving service to his customers.

In the fall of 2010 Herbert Steinbauer, the owner of the company, came to my farm in Southern Alberta all the way from Austria. Along with
Cam and his chief engineer they came to the farm to install some software updates for us. It was great to see someone who cares enough
about his product to travel 1/2 way around the world to support his customer. You can ask my brother if that ever happened with the pressure
box company?? Steinbauer modules are on all of the equipment on our farm and most of my neighbors have them as well. We simply will not be without them these days.

Ken Kultgen
Foremost, Alberta

We operate one of the largest farms in Canada, nearly 100,000 acres some years. We have been using Steinbauer on our 14 combines and our Cummins and Cat powered Semi's for 4 years. When the crop is heavy, having Steinbauer on our 14 combines is like having 15 machines. We can cut 5 to 7 percent faster with Steinbauer installed.

When we installed these on our first 20 series combines they cause a slight surge when traveling down the road between fields. Nothing major, just annoying. Cam from Taber Diesel came right out to our farm and worked with our operators until they had adjusted the software to eliminate the surge. He then proceeded to update all of our machines while we were harvesting canola with only a few minutes of down time per machine. This was unexpected service from this type of product.

Our truck drivers love their trucks with Steinbauer. We load our super b trailers with grain right to the legal limit of 62500 KG when we are hauling to market. The drivers have the torque to start these heavy loads when they are coming out of our bin yards. With the extra power they are able to get a few more loads a week to market depending on how long of a haul they have.

Oli Hengerer
Hill Spring, Alberta

At Kingslake Farming Co. (formally Kinglake Colony) farm over 10,000 acres near Skiff Alberta. Some of our land has severe hills. Because of these sharp steep hills, we have to gear down all the time with our 535 Quadtrac Tractors with our seeding equipment. When we installed Steinbauer on these machines the difference was incredible. We now can run these QSK15 engines at 1500 rpm all day while seeding and they stay there up the hills and down. We have also noticed a reduction of 3 gallons per hour when we are seeding our hilliest land where the tractors have to work the hardest.

We also installed Steinbauer on our Case Sprayer. This is the second sprayer we have put the modules on and we simply will not operate without them. With our hills and soft soil conditions we always had to slow way down before. Now we can spray at the same speed almost all the time. We were concerned about possible temperature issues with the hydrostatic drive system with the extra power but that has not been an issue. I talked to the farmer in Saskatchewan who bought our used sprayer and he has run it for 2 seasons now with no issues. I think that machine may have covered 100,000 acres now and it is still going strong.

Kingslake Farming Co
Skiff, Alberta

My brother and I operate a large farm just east of Calgary in the Rockford area. We have been using Steinbauer for the past 4 years. We have them on our 2 high hp seeding tractors and our combines. 2 year ago we upgraded our combines to the largest models and did not think we needed the extra power. With the wet fall we were wrong and quickly installed boxes on our combines. With the big crop with lots of straw it was incredible how much material these machines could process with Steinbauer installed.

In the fall of 2011 the owner Herbert came to our farm along with Cam from Taber Diesel. Cam wanted to show him our operation. It was good to see them since we thought the box we installed on our big sprayer was not doing the job. Hubert quickly hooked up his laptop and made some adjustments. Just north of our yard is a long big steep hill. Before Steinbauer, we would be down to 10 mph on this hill. After installing the box we could maintain 15 mph on this hill. This makes for much more precision application of high dollar chemicals. Just this aspect alone pays for the box in short order on our farm.

While the guys were here they looked at our new 2012 Kenworth. We had replaced a 6 year old truck with this new ISK15 common rail engine. Even though it was rated at 50hp more, this thing was a dog. The old truck would run circles around this thing. Kenworth told us that is the way these modern emission engines are. Steinbauer did not have a module for this engine due to the fact that it was brand new. They took pictures of the plugs, did some scope testing and 6 months later Taber Diesel had us a module to use. Now this is a truck. We haul grain and fertilizer with this unit always at max gross weight. With Steinbauer installed it pulls way better and I know it would kick the old truck's butt now.

While we don't track our fuel consumption very close we know how much bulk fuel we buy. We have bought slighyly less fuel the past 2 years while operating bigger machines and getting things done much faster. We use Steinbauer because our farm is simply more more productive with them.

Dale Dahm

We operate a large farm in North Dakota. Several years ago Vergil Weast, a rep I know, got me in touch with Taber Diesel regarding Steinbauer. They had a module shipped to me for my 9520 tractor. We ran this for 2 days and I had to have one for our other machine. We were simply able to pull the load much easier, especially up hills and we could maintain our planting speed all the time. The only issue we had was coolant temperature. The 9620 is at the top of the HP range for the 12.5L Deere engine at 500hp stock. Being a few years old, the rad was a bit dirty on these machines. When we pulled the tractors hard we noticed the temp coming up. Cam worked with us to get this sorted. We cleaned rads and kept them clean. We were able to adjust the boxes a little bit and our temperature issue was sorted. Steinbauer has worked very well for us.

Gene Rudolf
North Dakota

I run a Mercedes MBE4000 12.5L engine in my truck rated at 475hp. These European engines are good quality engines but we were disappointed in the power. Soft power, I term it. It just does not have the grunt that 475hp should. Mike from Taber Diesel set me up with a Steinbauer module for this engine. Wow what a difference. Now this thing pulls right with the 600hp 15L but gets 1 mile per gallon better mileage than they do. The nice thing about the Mercedes engine is installation. 2 simple plugs that go right into the ECM on the cab door side of the engine. No power or ground wires to hook up, just plug and go. It takes longer to zip tie it in place than it does to plug it in. I could not be happier with this unit, now I have a truck.

Harlo's Enterprises

Big Bend Farming Co (Big Bend Colony) operates a large mixed farm south and west of Magrath, Alberta. We are in the shadow of the Waterton Lakes-Glacier park area. Because we are in the foot hills of the Rocky's we have lots of big hills on our farm. As the seeders get bigger they are harder to pull. The spring of 2013 will be our third season running Steinbauer. The first year we tried the unit late in the planting season and really did not think it made much difference. We talked to Cam and he assured us that he would get a solution for us. We happen to have a lower hp tractor than they normally sold modules for.

In the fall of 2011, our first year with the box, Cam showed up at our farm with Herbert, the owner of Steinbauer and Hubert his chief engineer. Hubert quickly looked the machine over and stated that they had never seen this 385hp Case tractor before. He hooked up his computer to the engine and we headed to the field to put the engine under load. Hubert quickly found out that with our low hp engine there was not a large enough injector signal to even turn on the module. I learned that Steinbauer is a load dependant unit. It actually switches off when the engine is under light loads. Hubert told me there is no sense adding fuel to an engine when it is not working. Within a few minute he had our tractor pulling like a freight train. He continued to adjust the software until the engine was working perfectly. Because of the smaller HP setting on this Iveco 12.9L engine our tractor has a smaller rad. We worked the tractor as hard as it would pull for 1/2 hour that day and none of the temperature changed at all from before we had the module installed.

Last spring the tractor worked great letting us pull our air seeder up our big hills with ease. This is the first time we have ever had a rep show up at our farm from another country. The service that Taber Diesel and Steinbauer provided us is second to none.

Big Bend Farming Co.
Magrath, Alberta

We operate a mixed farm south of Raymond Alberta. We farm in the area known as the Milk River Ridge. Our land is very productive but we have some big hills. We tried a Steinbauer module on the used 375HP Quad we bought. It did not make any difference so I contacted Cam. He came out to our farm and tried another module on it. It didn't work either. Cam found out that Steinbauer had never installed a box on this low of HP QSX15L engine. He told me they would get it sorted out. A few month later Cam showed up at our farm with Hubert an engineer from Steinbauer. In a few minutes he found out that the HP setting of this Cummins was too low to trigger the box. He hooked up his laptop and in no time he had this thing snorting. We put a cultivator on the tractor and we just about had it buried in the ground and the tractor kept pulling it at the same speed. While we were pulling Hubert was able to shut the module off and the tractor nearly stalled before I could push the clutch in. I am sure this tractor is pushing nearly 500HP now. We ran this unit last spring and it pulled the seeder up our hills with ease. We are looking forward to getting in the field now. Without Steinbauer we just cannot pull the load we have at the speed we like. Very good service from Taber Diesel and Steinbauer to get this unit working.

Tobi , OK Farming
OK Farming Co (OK Colony)

I bought my first Steinbauer from Taber Diesel 4 years ago for our QSX powered Quadtrac.  Unbelievable improvement in power....allows us to pull our air seeder up all our hills while maintaining the 5.5 mph that we like to plant at. When working hard we are seeing an amazing 2.5 gallon per hour reduction in fuel consumption.

Since that time I have installed modules on both our highway trucks C15 single turbo and our C15 twin turbo Acert. When we are loaded with our SuperBee trailers the truck handles this heavy loads much easier and we see a fuel savings of nearly 1/2 mile per gallon.

This product really shines in our JD combine, in some conditions we can speed up by 15% due to the extra power we have. The net effect we find is cutting 5% more with the same fuel. I even have a Steinbauer installed in my C7 Cat powered service/fuel truck. This thing was gutless because we have it loaded to the max. Now it can actually pull itself through soft fields which it could barely do before.

We have a module on order for our JD sprayer and I am looking forward to the extra power with this machine because we really slow down in the hills.

The only thing I don't have a Steinbauer on is my VW Touareg.  The boss (my wife) told me to leave her car alone... some day...then I will have a hot rod like Cam's BMW. We simply will not be without Steinbauer on our farm. We get more work done with the same or in some case less fuel, we get our work done sooner and that puts money in my pocket. That's why I farm!!

Richard Vasselin
Three Hills, Alberta

We started running Steinbauer in our tractors 3 years ago. This year we will be running them in our five 500HP tractors pulling our 75 ft Bourgault tool bar, mid-row banders and 550 air tanks. We plant nearly 25,000 acres in the Pincher Creek, Alberta area and we have some big hills here. Being in the foothills, our season is a little shorter and when we get on the land we need to roll. Steinbauer has given our tractors the extra power we need when we are pulling the long steep hills that are all over our farm. We are able to maintain the same speed uphill and down getting better seed and fertilizer placement than if we had to gear down.

Taber Diesel has been excellent with their service as well. Twice since we bought these modules Taber Diesel has updated the software for us. The first time to solve a little surge we had when going downhill and this year to update them so we can use them on the new tractors we bought last fall.

Sproule Agro
Pincher Creek, Alberta