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Original Equipment Manufacturer Customers who sell and use Steinbauer

Porsche Holdings Salzburg (wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group) is the largest Automotive trading company in Europe, with annual sales in excess of 15 billion Euro and operations in more than 20 countries.  For more than 10 years Porsche Holdings has been selling Steinbauer Performance Modules through their accessory divisions AutoZ. At any of the more than 100 dealership locations throughout Europe, Steinbauer is a "partner product" sold and installed by these dealerships.

Rosenbauer has been providing fire fighting equipment since 1866. Today with operations in dozens of countries on six continents, Rosenbauer is known as the worlds premier fire fighting supply company.  When Rosenbauer needed more performance from their Panther Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARFF) they turned to  Steinbauer. Extensive development by Steinbauer and Caterpillar of Europe produced a CATERPILLAR C15 that is fully emission compliant with an output of 725 HP. The worlds finest fire truck manufacturer using the worlds best power enhancement module from Steinbauer.